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Re: CapPhil Exclusive Pass

#299650 10 months ago
\"kevin\" wrote:
\"newyawker\" wrote:
\"PMoondancer\" wrote:
Does it come with a private medicinal smoking area with red velvet curtains and gilded bowls filled with sticky sweet green?

Paige, thats exactly what i was saying. It should include a full wedding spread like they have in the city. Open bar. Then id pay 100 bucks. Forget about weed. I want top notch booze and food for that price.

Seriously, if they offered a meal or a couple drink vouchers, it would definitely go over a LITTLE easier. 2 draft beers or even soft drinks probably cost the venue roughly 1 dollar, vouchers for some food would cost 5-10 dollars max. At least Interlocken includes 4 days of music and camping for around $300.

Great point Kevin. Just compare that event with PL&F at the Cap for 200 bucks. Its ludicrous. Or DSO Jubilee. I know Shap is looked at as some money hungry prick, but Phil could always say no way. There is no way he can be controlled by anyone influencing his decisions regarding the scene. I am very disappointed in the whole scene now man. TXR prices, the NYE ticket cluster fuck, This Mexico excursion. And now this Wayne Newtonesque bullshit run of shows. I mean this whole shit that poor phil doesnt like to travel anymore. Its comical. He doesnt have to do 30 shows at 20 venues within a month, but this is ridiculous. I mean its way beyond what i did or ever envisioned in the 10 years of touring with the Dead.
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