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Rare Jerry Garcia Guitar 2 B Auctioned for Charity

#29860 3 years, 5 months ago
This is an authenticated Jerry Garcia guitar made by the guitar building masters at Alembic: serial number #72-13, custom made for Jerry Garcia in 1972, the thirteenth instrument made by Alembic. Auction includes a 1950's blonde Fender Harvard amp that Jerry would use backstage to warmup.

The auction starts June 5th at 7PM PST on eBay. Virtually all proceeds from this auction will go to benefit Amicus Foundation. Amicus is dedicated to helping children at risk, developing educational opportunities and working with impoverished communities in Thailand.

The guitar is steeped in history. In the early days of the Grateful Dead, Alembic, under Stanley "Bear" Owsley's inspiration, was making instruments and PAs that pushed the envelope, experimented with new ideas and were built as road worthy as possible using military grade electronics. Things that had never been done before with a guitar or bass were accomplished by Alembic. This guitar embodies all those qualities, especially the electronics. For example, there is an inline  analogue filter with resonance that can really provide a truly unique sound. Alembic made only a few custom guitars for the Grateful Dead. The most famous being Alembic 72-25 which under Doug Irwin’s modifications evolved into wolf which recently was auctioned off

13-72 Garcia
Dub Guitar
top: Walnut
back: Walnut
body: Mahogany
neck: Mahogany and Walnut
Prototype monofilter

Jerry Garcia gave this guitar to Matthew Kelly during a recording session of "A Wing and A Prayer". Matthew in turn has donated the guitar to Amicus for auction.

Lots of photos and all the info you need concerning the guitar, the auction and Matthew's relationship with the extended GD family  can be viewed here:

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Re: Rare Jerry Garcia Guitar 2 B Auctioned for Charity

#30174 3 years, 5 months ago
Was gonna say if anyone wanted to buy this for me I would be forever Grateful, but after thinking about, I'm not Worthy!
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