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Re: Underage Narcs Set to Bust Washington ’s Pot Shops

#297537 10 months, 3 weeks ago
\"SunshineSue\" wrote:
OK, let\\\'s see if I can reply here, since I can\\\'t on the original post.

Anyway, as I was saying, this isn\\\'t really any different than it\\\'s always been for bars and liquor stores, I\\\'m not surprised they\\\'re doing it. I don\\\'t even mind it, actually. I can live with some regulation, even regulation bordering on entrapment, in order to have access for everyone that\\\'s not a minor.

On a very happy note, I recently heard that Colorado\\\'s law will now allow out-of-staters to buy an eighth at a dispensary using just their driver\\\'s licenses. Now that\\\'s what I call a civilized society!! So when does that Red Rocks schedule come out, there has to be something there worth traveling for, with extras as an incentive!!

I don\'t even think it\'s entrapment. If a cop in uniform walks up to a drug dealer and asks to buy drugs, and the dealer is stupid enough to sell to a uniformed officer, is that entrapment? Same goes with someone who looks like they may be underage. Ask for ID and it\'s all good. Bars are supposed to ask for ID when someone looks like they may be too young, so why shouldn\'t the pot shops?
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