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Re: Ratdog Presale....

#296215 10 months, 1 week ago

there will be LOTS of peoplei n the lots looking for tickets.

RATHEADS tend to not own credit cards, and sell dank weed/beer in the lot for ticket money, but willl gladly xcept miracle.

anybody remember the GARCIA SECURIETY at GD shows in the90s(totally not affiliated with Jerry, just some lotkids)
but they would regulate on lot.
if you was blowin up the scene they shut you down.

had shirts and shits too.

they booted a good friend of mine in the face(a female at that) but she deserved it.

RATDOG TOUR shall rule.
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Re: Ratdog Presale....

#296218 10 months, 1 week ago
MushroomMan wrote:
^ill see you up in VT

on another note I always said "I don't need no stupid I-Phone" .... but it looks like I do to keep up with ticket on sales... damn technology...

See you in Mexico first
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