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Re: censorship

#292756 11 months, 3 weeks ago
\"Weir wrote:
I just logged in to see if I\\\'ve been banned, and since I haven\\\'t I\\\'ll make another post. I guess a certain someone doesn\\\'t carry as much weight around here as he thinks he does. He does in other ways, but I digress. The Miller Test newyawker wrote about had to do with obscenity within pornography. It\\\'s irrelevant with regards to Wheelman\\\'s threads, unless he starts posting vids of him giving Wheelwoman a Dirty Sanchez. I wonder what would happen if someone posted porn on this board? Do you think the board might get shut down permanently? Before you shit yourself Chester, don\\\'t worry I have no intention of posting porn here. Although I do know of at least one member who would enjoy seeing some she-male porn.

AcidTestGraduate, I told my counselor about you and said how I wish you had been part of the board when I was more active here. He said you would be a bad influence and switched me to Haldol. Thanks a lot.

I take it as a badge of honor it was one of my posts that resulted in the first locked thread on this board. It just bothers me it was for making a statement that would seem so innocuous, even silly, to most people. It\\\'s only when you make a big deal about such things that they become a big deal. Chester must know something the rest of you don\\\'t.

It has everything to do with postings man. Again, you are taking the absolutist approach to all you deem pertinent to the community here. Without boring others here and addressing your sophomoric understanding of the Miller/Roth test, it is a simple matter of fact, that the principles of both are transcendent of any specific topic. Yes it did evolve specifically from the obscenity test, yet the paradigm of which it covers is much broader regarding FOS/FOE. (Freedom of Speech/Freedom of expression). For your sake, please study up a tad on this topic, it may be tedious, but definitely beneficial. Be careful man, thats all i am warning you of. Defamation of character, libel are not protected, and neither is anything deemed by this community to be non beneficial and edifying.
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