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Re: censorship

#292755 11 months, 3 weeks ago
I just logged in to see if I\'ve been banned, and since I haven\'t I\'ll make another post. I guess a certain someone doesn\'t carry as much weight around here as he thinks he does. He does in other ways, but I digress. The Miller Test newyawker wrote about had to do with obscenity within pornography. It\'s irrelevant with regards to Wheelman\'s threads, unless he starts posting vids of him giving Wheelwoman a Dirty Sanchez. I wonder what would happen if someone posted porn on this board? Do you think the board might get shut down permanently? Before you shit yourself Chester, don\'t worry I have no intention of posting porn here. Although I do know of at least one member who would enjoy seeing some she-male porn.

AcidTestGraduate, I told my counselor about you and said how I wish you had been part of the board when I was more active here. He said you would be a bad influence and switched me to Haldol. Thanks a lot.

I take it as a badge of honor it was one of my posts that resulted in the first locked thread on this board. It just bothers me it was for making a statement that would seem so innocuous, even silly, to most people. It\'s only when you make a big deal about such things that they become a big deal. Chester must know something the rest of you don\'t.
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