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#289941 1 year ago
A piercing sun penetrates the early fall day
With Rocky Mountain clarity
It’s a beautiful day to be alive
A brief reminder of warmer temperatures
And lazy August afternoons

Tips of oaks and maple and hickory
Tend to orange and fiery red
As pumpkins accumulate on porches
Memories of the water’s edge
Where summer thoughts percolate in the receding waves
Where we stretch out the worn elastic of bathing suits
One last time
Accompanied by the ripple of fluttering umbrellas

A day of clarity and good intentions
Where we bravely endure the onslaught of pessimism
And insanity
By looking far down the quiet street
And around two corners
Without obstacle or fog
Past tomorrow
All the way back home.
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Life is sweeter for this!

Re: October

#289942 1 year ago
Just exactly right!
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