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Re: Dead 2015

#289724 1 year ago
\"SunshineSue\" wrote:
\"Denver wrote:
When they say BIG it gives me the willies. I would prefer Furthur over anything BIG. Dont get me wrong I would be grateful for anything they wanted to do and you can bet I will be there in attendance. I guess Im just not doing back flips over the notion of the 4 and whoever else ... seeing them in say the Pepsi Center rather than Broomfield or red rocks, I dont know, BIGGER is rarely better...

I agree, no stadium shows!! I don\'t think they would, or could even, at least I hope not. I\'d just like a reason to come back to Red Rocks in 2015 and a reunion tour there would work nicely!!
That wouldn\'t make any sense. They\'d be forced into mid-sized+ arenas that mostly sound like shit because they\'re designed for professional sports and not for acoustics. Shitholes like Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL. It would be a total shitfest because that would be the whole point; a gaudy cash grab circus extravaganza. High(er) ticket prices from bigger demand. Bigger hoopla surrounding it (actual advertising), creating greater exposure like the 2009 tour did. That\'s the whole point of these kind of stone-milking reunions, isn\'t it? And before they\'re into the tour a full week, they all remember why they don\'t care to play together anymore...because that is the way it is now. Before they can get any legs underneath them, they\'ll phone in the performances and look like aged, bored grumblebutts on stage. Does anyone really want that wake-up call?

I honestly don\'t understand why anyone would want this to happen. It has so many things going against it and so little recent history to make it worth tarnishing any remaining sacred memories of them as a musical tribe. I don\'t mean to be a downer. I really don\'t. But with all the facts on the table, what greatness can come from it? On top of that, and I have to admit I\'m surprised how soon this is happening, people will be talking about it for at least 15 months before it could become a reality. With all that build-up, isn\'t that begging for disappointment? This has the makings of such a hollow clusterfuck.

I\'d love to see them all healthy in 2015, touring with their own projects. Given the choice, I\'d rather see all their bands criss-crossing the USA and making the GD legacy plentiful in their own ways. If we\'re talking ultimate celebrations, that\'s my idea of how it would materialize.
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Re: Dead 2015

#289801 1 year ago
i sorta agree and disagree here. no doubt everyone has got it going on in there own pursuits. i think that might help make the difference now. The status quo as of now is wonderful and all but i think taking a chance getting the old ship rigged up one more time sounds like it could be awesome. Depending on a lot of things of course. i would imagine there were some lessons learned in 09. if the wheels fall off this time around at least the cosmic brass ring(and at this stage that has to be what its about and not a blatant cash grab)) was reached out for. maybe thats naive. we will see i guess
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