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Re: Las Vegas Roll Call

#286766 1 year ago
\"Bacon wrote:
we are extremely excited to be hitting Vegas this week, Brown has never been and i haven\'t been since seeing the boys there in \'93. Would love any pointers from regulars to Vegas.

we are staying in the Ivory tower.

for once, it should be really easy to run into friends!!! no treks around festival grounds or separated parking lots, yippee!!!

have a short list of songs i would love to hear in Vegas, but for the fear of jinxing myself i will keep them to myself!!

2200 seats in a swank theatre!!!

The Pearl is nice. We saw Bobby solo there early this year. The hippie casino is a sight to see. Sit on down, put in a dollar bill and try to flag a cocktail waitress. Comp beverages are awesome. We are staying at the hotel too (even though we live here) Gonna be two late nights early morns safer to not drive around
There is a FOOD FOR LESS a block west
Everytime that wheel turn round
bound to cover just a little more ground
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