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Colorado Flooding and Vegas

#286685 1 year ago
Well, I never thought I might not use tickets I had to Vegas.
I was flooded and my business has been closed since Sept 12th. The police let my last patient through the roadblock as the dog was bleeding so bad ( I am an emergency vet) that they wanted to let us help him. Appropriately the dog was named "Bliss." We were in surgery instead of packing up. So, we sustained even worse losses. Bliss is fine, though, so it was worth it!

Thankfully I had tickets to all Red Rocks shows and managed to put in 12 hour days at the "flood site" and make it to the shows at night. And, excellent shows they were

I had Marymoor tickets and debated attending, and my staff overwhelmingly said "GO" and I loved that show!

I now have a dilemma with Vegas tickets. For the first time ever, I had taken an entire week off for my birthday and had planned to see shows in a leisurely manner. Obviously, that hasn't happened and it has been "a long strange trip."

We have had terrible mold problems and each day has brought more issues to light. I am now torn between trying to reopen and going to Vegas. I am still paying my employees in full, but I have had no income for over 2 weeks. The 2014 hiatus adds to the equation, as I have been a fan for so long that a year off is too hard to contemplate.

Do I go or do I stay ??

This may be more venting than anything but man this is tough I know Bobby has a lab and I have 2 labs and lots of folks counting on me, including the clinic kitties who we did save, despite trying to bite me while boxing them up Dr. Liz
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Re: Colorado Flooding and Vegas

#286713 1 year ago
I'm so sorry you had to deal with such a hard hit from the flooding!! I'm sure all your patients are grateful for your efforts, though. Good luck with the ongoing clean up!

As for Vegas, if a couple of more days won't make or break your business and personal budget for the year, and all the animals are fine for the moment, then my philosophy is get to as many shows as you can because you never know when it will be the last opportunity!!
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Re: Colorado Flooding and Vegas

#286783 1 year ago
I'd go see the 2nd Vegas show and give the tickets to the first away, somehow.
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Re: Colorado Flooding and Vegas

#286786 1 year ago
You deserve time for your self. I missed and am missing a lot of work due to the floods and Furthur, putting my team in a tight spot but we all have each others backs and we all cover for each other. I will cover for them when they go on vacation. Everyone deserves some time off.

Thank you for all your hard work keeping those animals well and safe.

See you in Vegas!!
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Re: Colorado Flooding and Vegas

#286820 1 year ago
where is the Vegas roll call?
Everytime that wheel turn round
bound to cover just a little more ground
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