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Locken "Super" VIP package....

#283275 1 year, 1 month ago
Many of the features that prompted us to buy this package from CID were either eliminated or totally devalued by the actions of the CID staff. A number of VIP customers complained about issues and were bumped up to SVIP, free of charge.
It seems the promised early admission advertised as part of the package was actually illegal in VA. A number of promised benefits paid for by SVIP either were dropped with no notice or delivered at a fraction of the level promised.
I feel CID really abused the SVIP customers, and simply saying" gosh we are sorry, we will do better next time" while keeping the SVIP $400 per ticket premium shows a total contempt for the customer.

My question: Did the way CID advertised, then delivered an inferior SVIP package actually break the law in VA? If so, are there enough upset folks to explore a lawsuit against CID?
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What a long, strange trip it's been..

Re: Locken "Super" VIP package....

#283298 1 year, 1 month ago
I didn't hear anything about the VIPs getting bumped up to SVIP, but if that's so, it's just not right. Other than that, I think CID did a good job of rectifying things to the best of their ability. They never lost their cool with anyone. Dropping the beer cost to $3 & giving us free water & soda pop, plus feeding us was pretty cool. Remember there are gonna be glitches & learning curves with any inaugural festival. Let's see how well they do next year...All in all, disappointments aside, Kevin & I had a great time. Worth the SVIP just in not having to walk 2 miles a day to get to the stage, having nice air-conditioned bathrooms (nicer than the johnnie-on-the-spots), being fed, and, of course, the acoustic sets.
As far as breaking any laws, I don't know. I guess that had they come thru with early admission or open bar, THEN they would have broken VA laws. Let's hope they know what they need to know well enough in advance (ie, before advertising) next year. I think they learned a lot this year, mostly regarding the cluster-f@#k that was Thursday morning.
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Re: Locken "Super" VIP package....

#283416 1 year, 1 month ago
Lockin; Super VIP was totally worth it. Free water, $3 beer saved me a boatload over 4 days. Probably $60 a day right there. Plus, pretty much all the food was covered and it was decent food, that was surely another $20 to $30 bucks a day. Not to mention the Golf Cart service made it easy to get around. I thought CID did a fine job with the SuperVIP tent. Viewing areas up front were sweet too. Of course, the late night music sets were the icing on the cake. I think the people that bought regular VIP were screwed.
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Re: Locken "Super" VIP package....

#283439 1 year, 1 month ago
Cool, it is interesting to read different perspectives. This is the only forum I have found positive responses, and I appreciate reading them. Issues are CID not fulfilling the benefits, as described. Bait and Switch was the term most commonly used Thursday. That water wasn't "free" you paid $400 for it. It was certainly appreciated, but for us, it was too little too late. The root cause of our issues with CID stem from a lack of honest communication. Telling us there was a plan to get us safely and quickly our of "the pen", when on the ground there was a total lack of planning. Telling us SVIP and VIP camp sites were always the same....when they sold SVIP as bigger. There were other issues.....last minute change in camping: then say that, issues getting facilities up and running: admit it...this is a forgiving crowd, but don't ignore and rebuff complaints for a day and 1/2.
Bottom line: it was a great weekend of music, beautiful weather, surrounded by amazing friends...and if the line up is as great as this year: yup would consider buying the SVIP.
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