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Today in GD History 8/16 - Woodstock

#278010 1 year, 2 months ago
GD history 8/16 - 5 shows

Date Venue
'69 Max Yasgur's Farm - Bethel, N.Y. - Woodstock Festival
'80 Mississippi River Festival - Edwardsville, Il.
'81 McArthur Court - University of Oregon - Eugene, Or.
'87 Town Park - Telluride, Co.
'91 Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mountain View, Ca.
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Re: Today in GD History 8/16 - Woodstock

#278012 1 year, 2 months ago
Maybe it wasn't their best performance, but it was Woodstock, for heaven's sake, that alone makes it special! Here's a 37 minute Lovelight to start your weekend, FF67 and everyone else!!

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Re: Today in GD History 8/16 - Woodstock

#278173 1 year, 2 months ago
Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mountain View, CA

Set 1:
Jack Straw
It's All Over Now
Ramble On Rose
Desolation Row
Dark Star
Promised Land

Set 2:
Scarlet Begonias
Victim Or The Crime
Fire On The Mountain
Playin' Reprise
Standing On The Moon
Good Lovin'

U.S. Blues

My 2nd *trip* to the mighty Shoreline. The adventures of this run are the stories of legend

We partied all night and crashed at a friend of a friends house in Berkeley and then spent the next 3 nights *sleeping* on the beach at half moon bay.

We got to the point of having no money but we had a Texaco credit card. Problem being there was only one Texaco in that part of California - in Fresno, crap, a 1/2 tank of gas to get there and back from Mnt view, anyway, max out our Texaco credit card buying all the beer we could buy. Drove back to Shoreline and sold beer to survive. Problem being we drank too much on the profits as well as buying goodies in the lot .. ahh well you know how it goes, we somehow miraculously made it back home, begging for money, crazy times man ...

I love the 1st set, Dark Star?? Crazy! The whole amphitheatre went crazy!! I got chills listening to this today

2nd set Scarlet>Victim>Fire ... Whew what a ride, man the way Hornsby forced them into Victim ... wow!!! Have been a victim fan ever since...

Anyway, this is one of my all time favorite shows
I went walkin' out last summer
Tryin' to find a breath of air
I went walkin' on the mountain
A friend had told me I'd find you there
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Re: Today in GD History 8/16 - Woodstock

#278188 1 year, 2 months ago
Live 30 mins from Edwardsville ,, wish I could have been around to see that one!
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