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#277730 1 year, 2 months ago
\"Cornjulio\" wrote:
\"One last thing, to suggest that the NYPD is not addressing major crimes due to their enforcement surrounding public events is just ridiculous. They have over 30000 members and they have a wonderful record of solving major crimes and put themselves on the line DAILY, to protect the citizens of NYC\"

The Police do a great job when they want to, but let\'s be realistic, these crackdowns are nothing more than an effort by RK and the NYPD to continue to raise crime stats to justify their every increasing Police budget. Then they turn around and demand money from Washington to fight \"Terrorism\".

Seems to me that have plenty of money and LE jobs now.

To say that drinking a beer in public is harshing the scene in NY is a joke. It has long been a standing practice in NY to allow folks to drink a beer in public on the streets as long as it is in a bag or paper cup. Don\'t believe me? Go into any pizza place in NY and ask for a beer to go. Boom...draft in a paper cup right on my corner. They have bars on the tracks in Penn Station and every single store upstairs sells a beer to go.

This is how they make their numbers and make sure they keep their courts busy so all their jobs are safe.

I have not a doubt that NYC Police are great with big and important crimes, but the fact is they have a harassment problem, and I experienced it too.

Before the Allman\'s last year at UP, I was outside. I proceeded to open up my prescription bottle and take my Allergy Meds. Seconds later I too was surrounded by 4 undercovers. Asked what that was, I told them. They asked to see it. I went into my jacket pocket, and the officer reached in, took out my prescription bottle and found a bat too. I said you have no right to search me, I am retrieving what you asked for.

Boom...in cuffs on an illegal search. I had no bud on me at all. Just a brand new bat, never used that I had bought from a street vendor...legally on the streets of NYC.

When I informed them I had herniated discs in my neck and asked for the cuffs to be loosened. They tightened them.

They confiscated my $151 face ticket. When I asked if they would give it to my gf who is upset and in tears, they asked if I had purchased both tickets and they confiscated hers too.

When I asked if an officer if someone could walk her to the subway....one of them said, \"we can arrest her too if you\'re concerned about her safety. Then you can keep an eye on her.\"

They threw me in a van with no windows and 12 other people. All cuffed, no air, 10 seats. When one guy asked if they could open the door to let air in. They turned on the heat!

Even though the van was overfilled, they kept us there for another hour until one guy lost it and started kicking the walls. They took him out and roughed him up.

Then they drove us to the precinct with not seat belts at about 70 miles an hour, swerving through the streets sending us flying as we were still in cuffs behind our backs with no seat belts.

Then they let us sit in the van for another hour...all with the heat on.

Finally they brought us in a precinct and screamed at us like common criminals.

They finally gave me an appearance ticket at 2am, and let me go in the middle of Harlem.

Fuck the NYPD and if the band never played in the city again, I wouldn\'t sweat a bit.

Shit I\'m furious reliving that experience now!

I would have totally filed a complaint. There were a dozen others in the van with you that could have backed up your story.
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