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Re: I need a Miracle..What was your miracle?

#28026 3 years, 5 months ago
nice I'm glad you were saved as well. I got on the bus 8/20/08 Ratdog/Allmans in Hartford, CT.

however I travel Furthur today then I did last year - and I think I'll be saying the same thing next year to. I look back at last summer in complete disapointment at myself for not making Brooklyn and Best Buy - all I did was Lowell and Vibes which lowell was pretty much just as far as Brooklyn would of been for me - I was just afraid it was in a "bad spot"
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Re: I need a Miracle..What was your miracle?

#28028 3 years, 5 months ago
Terrapin Sedation wrote:
Met my future wife in Spectrum parking lot. March 1986

Played hacky sack and departed. We were with different groups of mutual friends.

Went to show. Left my seat because friends were on X and not me.

Future wife ditched here buds, who were bothering her. Out of 17,007 seats. She chose the one I had vacated.

Learned that afterwards. But no way to contact her, because
We never exchanged phone numbers.

Six months later went to a local bar that I hardly ever went to.

She was there.

Rest his his/herstory.

Still love the Dead...and her.

That's a great story!

My miracle is that I lived past childbirth, I almost died...and so did my mom.
Those who hear not the music. . . think the dancers mad.
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Terrapin Sedation
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Re: I need a Miracle..What was your miracle?

#28031 3 years, 5 months ago
Abba wrote:
MM...I did the rap thing in school too..it is a miracle that we made it....2009 my first Furthur show got miracle tickets and haven't stop since

No wrong path to the GD/Furthur. I think it all begins with being reached by live music and wanting new but similar experiences.

My daughter, 21, loves Furthur and jambands in general.

My son, 18, loves the rap. He just saw his first big show....Wiz Khalif Yeah, I know, you don't have to tell me that every song is about smoking the blunts).

I checked some vids of Wiz Khalif and it looks like he puts on a kick ass show. My son said, the only thing that disappointed him was that the songs were identical to the video of a recent concert he had seen.

I said, get used to that if you don't follow jambands.

Stay tuned.
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