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Ratdog or bust

#275097 1 year ago
JUST LISTEN...................ENERGY


Ratdog beacon runs = HOT
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Re: Ratdog or bust

#275099 1 year ago
Always up for a great Ratdog show. Have this one loaded on my IPOD, listen to it all the time. Great show.
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Re: Ratdog or bust

#275161 1 year ago
Ratdog 2007 = HOT

I listened to red rocks with Keller (7/24/07) last week .. my all time fave RD show, hell one of my all time fave post-GD show PERIOD!

EDIT: And Kimock!!
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Re: Ratdog or bust

#275196 1 year ago
i have not talked about or thought about ratdog as much as i have in the last two weeks probably combined over the last two years.

last night it culminated with the karan/sylvester combo onstage at GAMH
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Re: Ratdog or bust

#275199 1 year ago
Kind of a crummy recording, awesome show though
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