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Re: Blind Broke or Both

#274420 1 year, 2 months ago
This will be the ultimate music festival, with non stop music and the line-up, it makes me sick to my stomach to know that I have to pass on this one. I want to go to this one more then anything but because of my surgery it doesn\'t give me enough time for recovery before this event happens, and I had to pass on Red Rocks for the second year in a row and that sucks. We will be at Berkeley and hopefully by then I will have had enough recovery time, so I won\'t have to worry about reinjuring myself.
And as for a West Coast Interlocken, it could happen but I don\'t think they\'ll get this kind of line-up. I mean when is the last time you seen this kind of line-up, the quality of bands is unreal and some play twice on the same day, unbelievable. But I\'m sure the West Coast will try and put something together.
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