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Aug. 1-4 SF roll call

#274381 1 year, 2 months ago
if its the phish shows at BG, or Jerry Day show with JGB and Stu Allen, or whatever.]
i say we have a meet up at high noon on Jerrys B-day at hippie hill in Golden Gate park, over by the Janus tree.
whos wit me?

oh, that would be the 1st. plenty o time to get to the phish show.
and the Jerry day show is on the 4th so we all will be there whos in town i would guese.
i havent even checked what might be goin down at sweetwater or TxR. hmmm..

i just checked on the Jerry day celebrations.
on Aug. 1-2 they are having a Symphonic celebration of Jerry(maybe a warren drop in would be too much to wish for)
the shows start at about noon, and end well b-the Phish shows start.

and phils having a Birthday party for jerry starting at 6 at TxR, with Phil and the Terrapin Allstars, and BBQ.

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