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****JULY 16th, 2013 GILFORD, NH.....****

#272431 1 year ago
Did anyone happen to tape this show? This was my first show, and I would like to find a tape of it before I go spend money on the soundboard. I checked Archive and Etree, and it does not seem to be on any of them. If you know of any other place where I can get the show online for free please let me know. Thanks.
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Re: ****JULY 16th, 2013 GILFORD, NH.....****

#272463 1 year ago
I could not find a source for this show either and I don't think there were many if any tapers at the show. I did download the show ($15) and it sounds great. It was such a good show I had to have it today.
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Re: ****JULY 16th, 2013 GILFORD, NH.....****

#272466 1 year ago
I felt that the 1st set in NH was the best performance of the tour from the 5 shows I saw. can't wait to check out the tape , good luck.
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Re: ****JULY 16th, 2013 GILFORD, NH.....****

#272508 1 year ago
after searching for a few days I ponied up and bought the download for $15.95 sounds great, had a blast at this show.
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Re: ****JULY 16th, 2013 GILFORD, NH.....****

#275114 1 year ago
I gave up on searching for the download and just bought the SBD too. It's probably just as well since this was my first show. My first show of many many many more to come as long as Phil and Bob keep plugging along...

Regarding the first set, it was alright. I think the show as a whole was killer, but it has taken me a few times listening to the tape to actually like "Big Bad Blues" and "Corrina". I think during the show, Corrina killed the vibe coming off of the previous Tom Thumb and BE Women. Great show though.

The parking lot scene was also great. Not too rowdy. Found a great spot to put a canopy up and chill in some lawn chairs and observe the shakedown. I was super pumped that we opened with a Scarlet!!!
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Re: ****JULY 16th, 2013 GILFORD, NH.....****

#275137 1 year ago
Yep looks like I will buy the sbd. Like you all have said, I have ot buy this one because the show was so damn good. I really hope they play there again next year. I will be there with rings on my fingers and bells on my shoes!
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Re: ****JULY 16th, 2013 GILFORD, NH.....****

#275254 1 year ago
I would love a copy of this AUD.

Any love from those that have already bought the SBD?

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Re: ****JULY 16th, 2013 GILFORD, NH.....****

#275271 1 year ago
Sign me up for the share disc. I will gladly pay for postage and blank c.d.
And leave it on!
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Re: ****JULY 16th, 2013 GILFORD, NH.....****

#275273 1 year ago
This was a great show. And a great venue. And a great crowd. What a great time!!!!

I think this was pulled from an earlier thread so if I am breaking the rules, oh well. Seriously, if the band didn't have the support it does I would not feel as comfortable sharing links, but it does, so I will. And I have ticks to 11 out of 14 shows this fall, thus I can hardly be considered not a shareholder (that was a great comment I saw last week). LOL!!!!

Some one posted the SBD on this site:


Solo section after the 4th lyric is awesome. Jeff and Johnny just going off together. What beautiful music.

Yet I too would really love to hear the AUD of this show. PLEASE!!!!!!

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