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Re: So whos a donor???? =-)

#27353 3 years, 5 months ago
In CA they give a little sticker for your license and a card you can stick in your wallet. How I got that stuff I can't remember.
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Re: So whos a donor???? =-)

#27359 3 years, 5 months ago
I know I could go to the DMV to get it on my license but Phil always says that all you have to do is tell someone you love ...... that gives the impression to me that if your family knows you want to be one then they could say you wanted to be one....

I want to be one if I ever die but after seeing an eppisode of "1000 ways to die" it scares me to sign up for it because in 1 situation this guy really wasn't dead he was just in shock but since he was a organ donor they rushed to take out his organs assuming he was dead but ..... they said he was in some kind of shock and couldn't move or say anything - but that the last moments of his life he watched them take out his still beating heart - not being able to do or say a thing about it.

I'm going to let my family know that if I am def dead then I want to be one.....
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