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Father/son night at the Mann

#268945 1 year, 3 months ago
The Wheel comes full circle. After 300 or so dead related shows, I'll be attending the Mann with my nearly (2 weeks away) 21
year old son. He did see Ratdog as a 7 and 10 yr old at the family friendly Philly jam on River shows. As a young kid he liked the GD but as he hit his 12-15 yr old stage he went through his "rap phase". Slowly he started listening to the GD.... then a few yrs ago he had a bunch of GD on his Ipod. Last spring I went to visit him at college ( he was a Jr) damn if he didn't have a GD Avalon poster on his wall. Well suffice to say nothing much has changed in 30 yrs at college. The kids smoke dope and listen to the dead all day and go out and party at night !!!! Well its time to bust his cherry... we'll be at the Mann Sat Night Orch A center--- look for a really tall kid and his very attractive father!!!! I'm bringing my rockin shoes --- bringin a hanky just in case old pops gets a lil watery eyed
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