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Re: Favorite/Greatest Instrumentals

#268424 1 year, 1 month ago
nycdave wrote:
I also luv Miles but I thought that for this thread we were leaving Jazz out of it. During A Love Supreme, don't they chant A Love Supreme. Just kidding.

Since we are including Jerry, (though some of this can be labeled Jazz) here are a few instrumentals that just knock my socks off:
Fast Tone - Reconstruction
Long Train Running - Reconstruction
Keepers - Garcia Saunders
Edward the Mad Shirt Grinder - Garcia Hopkins

I didn't read the fine print. Seems like my batting average is down today, considerably.

Again, it's just what came to mind. And as far as I'm concerned the jazz selections I sited are some of the best. Forgot
the chanting you mentioned
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Re: Favorite/Greatest Instrumentals

#268426 1 year, 1 month ago
The Airplane's/Jorma's Embryonic Journey is pretty happenin. So is the Airplane's Chushingura for its simplicity and eeriness.
Fall Breaks and Back to Winter by the Beach Boys, 2120 S. Michigan Ave. by the Stones, and Pipeline by the Chantays.
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Re: Favorite/Greatest Instrumentals

#268447 1 year, 1 month ago
ATG Don't mind me. Reading the fine print isn't all its cranked up to be. Its been a long day and I'm just being silly.
Since we have moved on to jazz, Sketches of Spain and Miles Smiles are among the best of the best. Columbia put out a 4 CD Miles package (Blues, Standards, Originals, Moods, Electric) which I can never get tired listening to. When he was alive John Coltrane put out an album called Coltrane's Sound. I luv that album. Equinox is such a beautiful tune. He also released a live 25 minute version of My Favorite Things (from Mary Poppins). The GD got the notion to jam out on tunes from the example that John set. Lately I've been listening to a lot of Duke Ellington. As for living jazz musicians, Paquito D'rivera just rules!
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Re: Favorite/Greatest Instrumentals

#269493 1 year, 1 month ago
That's another question that's as interesting as it is hard to narrow down. I'm thinking, in no particular order:

Jessica- ABB
Little Martha- ABB
My Funny Valentine- Jerry and Merl
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed- ABB
Mountain Jam- ABB
Glad- Traffic
Jethro Tull- Bouree'
Embryonic Journey- Airplane
Jeff Beck- Beck's Bolero

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Re: Favorite/Greatest Instrumentals

#269831 1 year, 1 month ago
Remember three more -

Shine on You Crazy Diamond - David Gilmour
Whipping Post - Allman Brothers Band
The Thrill is Gone - B.B. King
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Re: Favorite/Greatest Instrumentals

#269849 1 year, 1 month ago
Maggot Brain-Funkadelic. if anyone cares,google the story of how george clinton got eddie hazel to make this song.brings a tear to me eye!
then decades later the band Ween wrote a song as a tribute to eddie hazel called "tear for eddie" its along the same lines as Maggot Brain. see ya at CMAC on fryday!
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Re: Favorite/Greatest Instrumentals

#270197 1 year, 1 month ago
Holy Crap! Was about to respond to this thread and then I noticed who was the OP. Maybe it was the rough week I had at work or the dain bramage! Anyway, thanks for all the replies! Can't believe I left out Les Bres, Beck's Bolero, or Maggot Brain. Got the idea for this from discussion with a friend about Larks Tongue in Aspic.

And as for the jazz; "Equinox" is forever etched in my brain from that night as a 15 year old listening to WVSP (public radio of course) through headphones late at night as I was drifting off to never never land. Changed my life, epiphany ya know!
Since the jazz subject has been broached:

Coltrane's "Love Supreme", esp the last movement:" Psalm". If you want to know Coltrane listen to that.

Miles; "All Blues" is all that; "In A Silent Way" is usually in my cd player, I think of it as a palate cleanser. "Bitches Brew" and "Agharta" are required listening.

Cannonball Adderly: He and Jerry are Twin Sons of Different Mothers. "Something Else", "One For Daddy-O", "Bohemia After Dark", or anything!

Horace Silver: "Song for My Father". If you never heard it, you're missing out on one of the most powerful pieces of music. Of course "Filthy McNasty" is pretty good too

Oliver Nelson: "Stolen Moments". sublime and sweet.

Herbie Hancock: "Cantaloupe Island"

Lee Morgan : "Sidewinder"

The Jazz Crusaders: "Aleluia", "Doin' That Thing"

Somebody stop me!
Thank You Cody, we are forever Grateful!
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Re: Favorite/Greatest Instrumentals

#270228 1 year, 1 month ago
I haven't heard 'Edward the Mad Shirt Grinder' by Garcia/Hopkins....But side2 of Quicksilver Messenger Service's 'Shady Grove' album featuring Nicky Hopkins is one of my favorite favorites....
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Re: Favorite/Greatest Instrumentals

#270766 1 year, 1 month ago
Embryonic Journey
Is there Anybody Out There (99% instrumental)
The William Tell Overture (you give it REAL a listen and disagree)
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Re: Favorite/Greatest Instrumentals

#271113 1 year, 1 month ago
Coltrain's Favorite things
Dave Brubeck's Take 5
Led Zeppelin's Black mountain>white summer
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