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Re: Bring back Shakedown proper...

#265191 1 year, 4 months ago
\"Bilbo\" wrote:
\"frenchydc\" wrote:
dude honestlly the first day at monteray was the best day $ wise for all of us who did the whole tour the 2nd day was fukd we re all just hard workin americans tryin to make an honest livin (any one who knows me hears me say that all the time) ) sf was ok even thoe i got caught right in the middle of abrawl cause some local thuggs tried to steal our merch i must say east coast lot s are better in my opinion cause (i say this with no disrespect to anyone) butt there are much fewer \"street kids \" on the east coast im in my late 30s and my generation and all after mine in my opinion are responsible for hurting the lot scene

heyman, yeah, true. We gotta figure out what to do about the west coast scene...namely Monterey and SF, in that

Shoreline wasn\'t bad at all except for the cops. Don\'t know where this \"violent\" element is coming from, but it SUCKS!

Used to be back in the day that Shakedown was a peaceful place, a community.

Just wondering what an \"occupy\" Shakedown would look like? Would it be a \"taking back\" of Shakedown from the

parasites? Is that too harsh a term? Too bad, it\'s what they are!!!

here\'s a little vid of the post show activities outside the Beacon in 2012. Nice mellow East coast scene, right smack dab in the biggest city in the country

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