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Re: how does your garden grow part 2

#265152 1 year, 4 months ago
\"ratdog2112\" wrote:
\"Denver wrote:
\"ratdog2112\" wrote:
Those are nice looking berries. We\'re in our prime time here in the Pacific NW and now that our weather is back to sunshine and upper 70\'s to low 80\'s, I\'m looking forward to our Mt. Hood Strawberries. There just like eating strawberry candy. Plus Raspberries are ready to and Blueberries are next.

Nooooow it\'s nice! hahaha

I was working in Seattle off and on from Oct through January and I think I saw the sun 3 times in 40 some days there.

Yea that\'s Seattle they get alot more rain then we do. I\'m from Oregon.

LOL y\'all. Well I actually live out in the mountains east of Seattle and we really get rain. A state park just 6 miles down the road from me get an average of 100 inches of rain per year. Here is the official number from Mt. Rainier:

189 days of Rain - Mt Rainier Paradise Ranger Station - 118.3 inches annually

It sucks, unless it is snowing and then of course we are fresh snow skiing (notice I did not say powder, like that of the Rockies).

IMHO, the best berry we get in my area is blackberry. Of course they just grow anywhere, but in particular, there is a big growth by our middle school that I can easily pick 5 pounds an hour.

Just the best. I have a huge sweetooth and love chocolate, yet there is nothing sweeter then a fruit at its peak!!

And btw, the sun is shining this spring, better than the last 5 years. Here is a nice pic:

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