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Re: no more heady tarp space

#264848 1 year, 4 months ago
\"nycdave\" wrote:
I think that this video is hysterical. It is like a deadhead version of the running of the bulls in Spain. The darker side of me kept wondering if someone was going to be knocked down and covered over by a tarp. The lesson to be learned here is that a good seat at a concert (especially if it involves cutting out a spot for 30 of your friends, who will show up three hours later but b4 the third song starts) is more important than pretty much anything. I have been to GA shows where people reserve 4 or 5 seats for their friends, using hand bags, sweat shirts, towels or whatever. But this tarp stampede deal is just to funny to watch. Perhaps it can be converted to an Olympic event. Apologies if am not taking this seriously enough, but seriously, it is just to damn funny.
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