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Re: Today In GD History 6-18

#264754 1 year, 4 months ago
Saw the 76 Capital show and and was at the 83 show. Over puddled early in the day at Saratoga and we wandered around a beautiful area chock full of fountains and pools and really cool brick buildings. We did head into the show but the crowd was way packed in and although we managed to get near where the lawn sloped down into the amplitheatre we looked at each other and said naw...we headed back in the crowd and relaxed.

The group I met up with (including me) were already backing out of the touring mode and we were living scattered all around so we hung in the grass and enjoyed each others company. There is a rumor that they sold 12,000 tickets that day at the venue and one of my friends from Syracuse that I was with that day told me recently that is still by far the largest crowd ever at SPAC. It was crazy crowded.
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