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#254665 1 year ago
Set the bar high
Lasso the moon
Ascend to the peak
Dive into the sea

Stand tall against critics
Invest in your dreams
Tell the world proudly
You’re still in the game

Claim your own space
Plant a flag in the rocks
Lean into the wind
Wave a defiant fist

Sing along with the melody
Stomp your feet to the beat
Float on the harmony
Rise with crescendo

You have only today
Tomorrow may not come
Feel the throb in your neck
And your heart pounding

Watch the sun set
Lost in your own thoughts
The bell rings loudest
In the quietest times

Lift your tired eyes
Be a beacon in the night
It’s morning and you
Have not yet begun to fight.

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Life is sweeter for this!

Re: Commit

#255211 1 year ago
Bump for a perfect morning read!!
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Re: Commit

#255224 1 year ago
Thanks, Sue! I wrote this one on the train back to Stamford after Saturday night's show. I prefer to be in my van, but commuter shows do have advantages.
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