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Re: about to JAM out I'm feelin some gd..requests?

#25649 3 years, 5 months ago
thanks yall -- hey platypus ....your feet were tappin, but were you itchin your balls too? LOL!!!
i like that thread you started earlier today!!
i was abusing that guitar a little too much. i have to remember its only an acoustic. well, i better keep my dayjob for now til fate comes to my rescue. Tomm. i get my forklift certification so i can get a job at 12-15 an hour instead of some 8.50 an hour bust my butt job. I might die never reaching my goal of gettin signed or becoming a "phil FRienD"....? nah, I'll keep love in the dream and according to Jerry, things will brighten


Re: about to JAM out I'm feelin some gd..requests?

#25963 3 years, 5 months ago
I'm now licensed for three years to operate a forklift. I just got a call for an interview as well. So thats good news for me. Before going in to the 8 hour course this morning, I called in the Philly rock station 94.1 WYSP to speak to radio host Danyy Bonaduce. He does a morning show and has a small segment where he gives advice (Life Coach segment). I called in and got through and its always entertaining to hear his advice since he's been through pretty much everything. My question was..."What else can I do Danny to further my chances of being a successful musician?" He answered saying keep playing out. So I will do so. Next song to be played out...Mr. Charlie. Don't worry, I'll go over the lyrics...!

here's the interview with me and Danny...!


click on Danny Bonaduce Show.
then, click on Podcast 5/20/11 todays show
then, go to the third one down 7AM....scroll to 33 minutes past the hour...Jeff from N.J.
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