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Re: Random drug test

#251131 1 year ago
Way to go on your test. I'm happy for you to have all your options available to you. Now get to Marin already!
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Re: Random drug test

#251137 1 year ago
What's frustrating is that it isn't even about the law anymore. It's now about insurance. The insurance lobby has a stranglehold on the low totem pole folk. Not only do they barely make a living wage, but they're also held to standards that inhibit their freedom of life. For instance, it used to be a safehaven for the working class schlubbs who worked with folks with mental illness and developmental disabilities, but since they have to constantly shuttle them around (usually in their own cars no less), they get hit with drug tests every time they get any kind of citation or fender-bender. People doing quasi-selfless work for shit pay so they can have their lives turned upside down because they crunched a fender at a stoplight.

Pushing the small people out every way they can. I never thought a revolution was plausible. I thought it was silly talk. But by the time they get done making it impossible for people to scrape by, there won't be any other choice for that population but to revolt. I cannot believe I'm saying that, but I honestly believe that is where we're headed and that being the cause. It might not happen for another decade, but they're shoving a 2" peg in a 1" hole. The pressure is going to crack the mold. It's basic social physics.
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