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Re: Summer Tour?

#247117 1 year ago
would LOVE red rocks too !!!!!! gotta rob a bank in the meantime HhahHh:)
Let It SHIIIINE !!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Summer Tour?

#247119 1 year ago
alilfurther wrote:
would LOVE red rocks too !!!!!! gotta rob a bank in the meantime HhahHh:)

Too risky. Ill put my hopes in the lottery.
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Re: Summer Tour?

#247122 1 year ago
alilfurther wrote:
would LOVE red rocks too !!!!!! gotta rob a bank in the meantime HhahHh:)

You should see what The Rolling Stones charge! It will take more than one bank. We're talking Bernie Madoff money.
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Re: Summer Tour?

#247131 1 year ago
Denver Man wrote:
dead_in_ky wrote:
Someone who used to post here said they no longer want to hang out with you or anyone else who posts here anymore? Good Lord, make it stop. Guess I will never be cool enough. As far as Red Rocks goes, I will never miss another furthur run there. Just hoping for at least one more ride. "Never had such a good time..."

I know I'm not cool enough! Guess the Colorado FFF alone are not worthy enough for visiting. Just kidding but that was an odd post Sue. I do understand wanting to get to planning out summer and fall sooner rather than later though.

Hoping to save enough time/pennies for RR this year! One of the best shows ever! Best band at the best venue!
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Re: Summer Tour?

#247132 1 year ago
I may have to choose between Red Rocks and NYE this year unless I move to the Bay Area and believe me after the New Years shows I started to think about it.
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Re: Summer Tour?

#247141 1 year ago
SunshineSue wrote:
Denver Man wrote:
SunshineSue wrote:
Ossumpei wrote:
I hope Mickey tours the midwest after Allgood.

It seems like a possibility.

Furthur in St Louis sometime this year. Two nights at the Fox!!

And Red Rocks this fall...what a venue.

I agree on getting Mickey back to the Midwest!!

Are you going to try and make Red Rocks this year, Ossumpei? I'm on the fence, and wondering if there are going to be any FFF gatherings there this year.

Nope there won't be any FFF at RR. What the hell are you smoking??

I'm sorry, I'm in a bit of a funk today. I recently heard from one user that is now a former user and doesn't want to hang at shows anymore, and other folks are running into either money issues or wanting to go to a different run. I had such a good time last year, but I'm just wondering what it's going to be like this year. I know things change and no two vacations/shows are ever the same. But while the primary goal is seeing the shows, when I travel that far it makes a big difference to know that there are going to be some fun parties/gatherings/friendly folks around, as well as just the music. That's just how I'm feeling today, anyway, I'm really not trying to be a major buzz kill!!

Over the course of a year I'm every one of those people mentioned. Can't afford to go, don't want to be on the board, want a different run etc. somewhere though I can't shake the fact that I still want to do all the stuff and let myself be broke because I had fun. At least that's what I did last year.
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Re: Summer Tour?

#247153 1 year ago
karenrose wrote:
Hoping to save enough time/pennies for RR this year! One of the best shows ever! Best band at the best venue!

Tell you what, it's sure to be chilly at night: you bring the butterscotch liqueur you had at Broomfield and I'll make some hot cider and we'll put'em together and it'll be a good old post show party!!!

I saw that combo as a signature drink on a wedding show recently and thought of you. Now I'm dying to try it, that was some yummy butterscotch stuff!!
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Re: Summer Tour?

#247174 1 year ago
wlewis wrote:
NobleGlassArt wrote:
It All Rolls Into One wrote:
Denver Man wrote:
^^^ "Sing-a-long venue"?? No thanks!!

I know I'm getting antsy too. Would love to nail down what I am doing this summer!

I vote for 2 MCU > one night off > 2 Bethel as part of the tour.

Aw c'mon. who wouldn't love to belt out Cold Rain and Snow, Big River, Mama Tried, Mississippi 1/2 step, Peggy-o, Big Bad Blues, etc with 4 thousand other Deadheads? The recording sounds like everyone is having a complete blast the whole time (which always happens I guess, but this time you can really hear the crowd getting down).

Sing to yourself if it improves your personal experience, but don't belt it out.

Ya nobody bought a ticket to listen to any fans sing

Wow. yeah I know no one was there for the specific reason to hear other fans sing. I'm just saying that after talking to a couple people who were at the show said the communal vibe of the venue coupled with the songs that lend themselves to singing was a real treat. Not everyone is there to critique each sonic intricacy at every show, ya know? Sometimes it's good to have a good time and vibe with your neighbors, which is how I heard it was at this show on that night. that's all I'm saying. Guess I understand that might not float your boat, but c'mon, let's night be so serious all the time. Just my 2 cents. Much love to ya all.
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Re: Summer Tour?

#247177 1 year ago
Since I was young and foolish I have gone to see shows. This goes back a while. I go primarily because I like the music. The kindness shown to me by people that I either go to shows with or meet at shows remains a life affirming experience. Something very special that words cannot explain. The first people I met from FFF were last April at the Beacon. I had spent time on the forum anyways, so I had my picture taken holding the flag with others. Despite 40 years of going to shows, I had never been to Red Rocks. I finally made it last September. Spending time with people from FFF made a simply wonderful experience so much better. On new years, I went to the shows with an old friend who saw many more shows then I did. She observed how nice the people from the forum were. This stuff can get complicated and I understand the difficulty in getting to shows. Cost, comfort level, what we do with our lives, etc. There is no guarantee that things will be like they were. When I think about going to shows, lyrics from two songs come to mind. Never had such a good time in my life before and So Glad We Made It. This party could have been over many years ago. The deadication to the music by both the musicians and the deadheads remains positive then some. FFF is part of that.
Tucson John
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Re: Summer Tour?

#247182 1 year ago
There is nothing like a Grateful Dead(furthur) show!Never will be!
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