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Please help us, my friends in Colorado

#244152 1 year, 7 months ago
Hello my favorite people in the land!
My son and his wife-those of dubious intellegence for not planning better-are sitting in Denver somewhere in a hotel with the 3 most beautiful kids in the entire world. (And this gramma is not prejudiced...much).
She has a job at Walgreen's that is part time right now but full time next month. He has no job yet.

They can't seem to find anyone to rent to them w/o them having full time jobs.

Does anyone know of a place for them? They do have the money for 2 or 3 months plus deposit, in hand.

Sorry if this is a misuse of the forum but people such as Denver Man and Stranger in Boulder were so kind to us when me and Arkie were at the shows a few weeks ago. Just reaching out....

What is needed is a 3 bdrm place that is not in a ghetto. They can probably only pay about $750-$850 a month.

Bless each of you and tx for "listening."

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Good Love!

Re: Please help us, my friends in Colorado

#244349 1 year, 7 months ago
((((GOOD VIBES))))

A while back a friend of mine found a house to rent from a owner on craigslist. It was for a deal too! If there job is steady I'm sure the part time deal wouldn't be a big issue. I would have them maybe start searching there daily for any new postings. Hope things work out!
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