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The wheels are muddy, got a ton of hay

Re: 40 years gone...

#243940 1 year, 7 months ago
Like honey
Like sweet sour whiskey.
A cool georgia morning breeze
the night a hitch hiker is ,on aTacoma or a Highgate full moon night in the middle of July or August
that void that is filled. Thank you Pen. u did us well, we will when able be that same love. that peace . that kind -
that lighnighbolt and its rain as well> the black bear. The rivers. My own mountain- the grace u shared. that angel but a cowboy, mountain man, southern Texas wind. shared the love that the almighty brings, and the same as or the love that we bring-
ashes to ashes dust to dust
Not /fade away
love IS real
cause I get a little lonely, in themidle o the night
like honey
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