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Eyes of the World

#243351 1 year, 7 months ago
I was looking for a show that had both Let it grow and uncle johns band. Man did the dead play let it grow a crapload of times, omg!! so i found one from 81 -
Before turning off ther music , as I was just getting my let it grow fix, i noticed an eyes of the world....im glad i checked it out.

The intro to this eyes is so cool!! It has such a fun disco feel and Jerry is just playing the crap out of the guitar doing what seems to be like completely effortless solos all over the song. Ive never heard an eyes of the world with an intro like this...its really good...enjoy!!!

yes i found it again...I love eyes so much. some of the best gd jamming ever. This might not be one of the best, but the intro is so great. Its not a phil droppin bombs or a bassline with a very mambo feel, little bit:).... but Brent , Jerry and Billy and fucking amazing!!!!! Brent is laid back chill its a nice happy sound....the ending into drums sounds like a video game or something idk...but brent and jerry and playing around for sure
the begining is where its a though
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Re: Eyes of the World

#243367 1 year, 7 months ago

This one is pretty good too. I am really glad that JK is singing this song now.
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