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Re: Attn: Band Management...

#247298 1 year, 1 month ago
Wheelman wrote:
wlewis wrote:

this link doesn't show anything...

i am encouraging you to go to www.dictionary.com and look up the word "irony"
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Re: Attn: Band Management...

#247343 1 year, 1 month ago
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Re: Attn: Band Management...

#248001 1 year ago
New Jersey, a nice place to play and a nice place from which to stray.

Actually I like NJ, seriously. You can never get lonely there, what with alllll the people.

If there's to be a summer show there I vote for PNC.

And seriously Wheelman, if your friend wants to try and book them at his venue this is not the place to reach
out to the bands management, as he's well aware.
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Re: Attn: Band Management...

#248077 1 year ago
I would love more summer shows near the NY area, I think it's great they're playing AC this spring, most likely for those in the area who may have been affected by the storm, they can use the good music and good times, I wouldn't doubt a summer show in jersey either but if not MCU, and bethel will do (please)
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