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Could Someone Please Explain...

#240769 1 year, 8 months ago
Why do you go to so many shows?

Just curious. I've talked over with FF67 a couple of times and she didn't really have a definitive answer. As for myself, going to two or three a year is fine. I love the band and hanging with the folks more so. A big event like RR is really fun mainly because I find myself talking to lots of great people. Interesting people I don't get to interact with in my daily routine. I guess I'm more of a scene fan, and that's OK too.

I look at people like RowTimmy and Burt for example, who live near TXR and end up going to quite a lot of shows in the course of a year. And Em, Brian, Allison, Jade, and many others who travel and make a lot of shows a year too. And there's many more who would go to a bunch more shows if they could.

I think its great that you've found something that makes you happy and you can enjoy as much as you do.

But, please, what is the attraction for you?
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Re: Could Someone Please Explain...

#240772 1 year, 8 months ago
I dont know why. I traveled quite a bit in the last three years to see Furthur on the west coast (didn't travel far) It all started in 1985 at my first GD show. We moved to Vegas in 2004 and found Ratdog here quite a bit so we went a lot. Every time I hear of the Family out here in one way or another, I go. Like Friday to see Bobby here. Sorry I can't explain I just like the people at show and the spirit/vibe thing. Is that what you are asking??
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Re: Could Someone Please Explain...

#240774 1 year, 8 months ago
I think its going to be different reasons for different folks.

I definitely started seeing Furthur to continue my GD experiences. They were so much fun and such an important part in my life that I plan on continuing them for as long as I can.

For some people I believe that its more than that. The music in and of itself has an affect that draws them back, like a moth before a flame. But, there's other types of live music available, closer and more accessible.

I'm starting to think it is actually the scene, because of its uniqueness and beauty, which is inherent in all GD type shows.

I'm sure there's lots of opinions on this though.

Have fun at the Bob shows!!
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Re: Could Someone Please Explain...

#240783 1 year, 8 months ago
Yes there are many different reasons why I travel. Here is my story....

From a young kid I've always been fascinated with music. I started getting into the Grateful Dead as I was starting college and my dream job of radio. When I was in radio I was discovering lots of new bands and new music and it was all so great but the Grateful Dead is something that always seemed constant in my rotation. My love for the dead was growing! In 2009 I traveled to my first Dead show in Chicago. Quite an experience! It was my first ever shakedown street/lot and I was in love! I wanted to experience that more! Then Furthur came around and my job was kicking in full time and radio was kind of being put on the back burner for a couple of different reasons. I needed something to do so I started traveling the midwest for Furthur shows because of course no hometown stops so I was forced to go to nearing cities like Chicago and Columbus. For a year or two I only made the Midwest stops.

July 31, 2011 changed my life!!! Furthur in Alpharetta, GA. Their last stop on their 2011 Summer Tour. I almost didn't make a show that summer because no midwest dates. And my last one was Nov. 2010. I decided I had to see a Furthur show so I'll go to the closest one possible 10 hours away. Best show of my life!!!! Something clicked after that show and 2 months later I found myself across the country in Eugene, OR for the 2011 Fall Opener and I haven't looked back since!!!!

And of course around the time of the Alpharetta show I had joined the Forum. This place and the people has a lot to do with my traveling as well. I've met so many grateful friends here! Friends that have helped me get to shows, gave me a place to stay,and shared their love with me during a show! There isn't anything better in this world!!!

Of course I love the music, the people, and lastly I love checking out new places I've never been...

Furthur has brought me all around this country. I visited places I never imagined I could have went to. They gave me the push to get out there! I love them for that! And wont stop til they stop!

I love the Grateful Dead, I love Furthur, and I love you!
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Re: Could Someone Please Explain...

#240790 1 year, 8 months ago
4words : Because I love it !!!!!! ever scince we saw bobby at the palace in 2010 we were hooked I saw my first dead show in 1977 buffalo but moved to florida shortly after that and was not in the scene .it was not until I remet my husband in 2009 the love came back not only for the music but in my life and we follow and go to shows as much as we can , we enjoy all aspects but mostly the wonderful folks here on the FFF and others you all complete us and love getting to stand in your lights when we see you ....hope to meet some folks at the cap we have the 23rd and 24 th see you soon !!!!
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Re: Could Someone Please Explain...

#240791 1 year, 8 months ago
Bill, it's simple really.....I just love it. This music somehow touches me in a way nothing else does. When life piles on the responsibilities and stresses, a show melts all that away and more then that it refills me with peace and joy. I haven't found anything else that can do that for me. Through the scene I've met many people that I've come to love like family and miss when unable to attend. I'd travel just to see these people even if there wasn't a show. How can you get enough of that?
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Re: Could Someone Please Explain...

#240795 1 year, 8 months ago
I go to as many shows as possible because I don't want to miss anything. A rarely played gem, a surprising combo, a transcendent jam. You can hear those on a stream but it's so much better when you're there, in the moment, sharing it with the band.
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Re: Could Someone Please Explain...

#240798 1 year, 8 months ago
I've thought about it many times in the past and I've come up with this - there are things in life that we're just attracted to without any rhyme or reason and that cannot be properly explained...they just are. For example, I like brunettes over blondes...why, not sure...just do.
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Re: Could Someone Please Explain...

#240799 1 year, 8 months ago
I go to as many shows as possible because I never got a chance to see the dead (actually I did have a chance when I was a baby but my parents found a sitter that night), and I'm in love with the scene and the people and everything else. Furthur shows are what keeps me going!
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Re: Could Someone Please Explain...

#240800 1 year, 8 months ago
[quote="alilfurther" post=240790]4words : Because I love it !!!!!! You know you ll see me there!!!I love you guys!!!!For me bill it s been a lifelong passion of mine.I started out when i was 19 and some friends of mine pulled up to the house in a rented van and said get the fuck in!I had a million reasons why i couldnt.did nt wanna go no money no weed no nuttin at the time.They said shut up and get in the van!!!!I did.The rest is history as they say.Got in like 35 or maybe 37 jerry shows have to do the math again lol.But i also did that thing where we were sitting on a porch and my friend says hey the dead are playing pine knob michigan in 2 days and we got off the porch and hitchhiked to michigan.My backpack got stolen from the golf course next to the venue cus i was stupid e3nough to let it behind.(lesson learned).Always secure your valuables clothes whatever.But i digress,I love the ff and the folks but for me it always has been and always will be that moment in time when the music hits me and i feel no pain!!!!That show where ya eat just enough L and the band hits there paces and ya start dancing and there is nothing that exists in the whole wide world but that groove,Should you lose that groove and happen to look around and ya see all those colorful people in thier groove well it s hard not to find yours again.So i ll reiterate it s those shows that are down right religious experiences!!!!!!!!!Syracuse on 11/11/11 was the last 1 of those for me.The right combo of L the people i was surrounded by(big what up strick) and the band just pouring there hearts out to me yeah just me screw those other hippys round me you played all those songs cus I needed them that night i needed the love and the direction.To come out and be speechless and all my friends saying wow over and over cus the band played to just them as well that night and they were speechless as well.1 DAY I SHALL BE RELEASED!!! The music takes me away from the pain of my past and the mundane everyday existence.Throw in the most awesome people you ll ever meet and well all of a sudden ya have a greatful dead family and ya just wanna keep that trucking on!!!!Hope it helps cus i could have wrote ya a book on that 1 lol.Hope to see you again soon bill.On an edit tip it has happened to me without the L as well.1 of my favorite shows was the mann center just recently last 2 yrs i think although 3 years ago with the 2 night stand was a blast lol i think it was the year after but again it was who was around me and the band hitting that groove that only they can again jmho.
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