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Yasgurs Farm Memorial Day weekend?

#24005 3 years, 5 months ago
There was to be a small festival with camping that was to coincide with the Phish shows at Bethel Woods this memorial day. If you canceled reservations to camp there instead, do yourself a favor and find new accommodations ASAP. They will NOT allow this event to take place on the farm NO way, NO how, sadly enough....

May just have to make this trip just to see how they handle this chaos. IMO, not the smartest thing they could have done here. Anyhow you heard it hear first....
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Re: Yasgurs Farm Memorial Day weekend?

#24007 3 years, 5 months ago
That sucks. Kinda what we had in mind. Strangecreek bound for sure now. wormtown.com/wormpress/festivals/strange-creek-campout/
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Re: Yasgurs Farm Memorial Day weekend?

#24010 3 years, 5 months ago
i thought the bethel woods amp. was built on the yasgur's farm site ?
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Re: Yasgurs Farm Memorial Day weekend?

#24044 3 years, 5 months ago
i never done a phish show not a real big fan i do enjoy all of there dvds i own em all but for the last ont they put out in 2010...dont own alot of cds or boots by them i mean i have a few but never got really in to them other the dead bands i really like moe and allman bros and mule...i been told once i see em that will change any input on that statement?? also how the scene is it a friendly scene or a grimmy want to be gangsta buscuit kind of scene??
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Re: Yasgurs Farm Memorial Day weekend?

#24045 3 years, 5 months ago
...im wondering bc im pretty sure im goin to do sun nite at betel woods i love that palce...furthur is goin to kill it there...hope allman brothers come back in aug....
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Re: Yasgurs Farm Memorial Day weekend?

#24077 3 years, 5 months ago
Bethel Woods is NOT a user friendly facility, at least while I've been there. The Phish people will find that out quickly. The parking lot does not swing. The Woodstock museum there is cool (Thanks to Wavy). And no, where the concerts are is not the same hill that the first Woodstock was held. You can look at that site as you walk up to where the music is now off to your left. My plan was to go to Yasgurs Farm set up goods and sell goods to the Phish-heads for the weekend. If your goin' plan on seeing tons of NY State troopers, speed traps abound.
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Re: Yasgurs Farm Memorial Day weekend?

#24113 3 years, 5 months ago
im going one of the nites for phish they sent me an email listing all the stuff you can and cant do camping ,vending out .i try to repost the email
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Re: Yasgurs Farm Memorial Day weekend?

#24115 3 years, 5 months ago
Dear Phish ticketholder,

Bethel Woods welcomes you to the Sullivan County Catskills, home of the 1969 Woodstock festival. We are proud to host three Phish concerts as they launch their 2011 summer tour. Our staff and the community are working hard to make sure your concert experience and visit to our beautiful neighborhood exceeds your expectations.

This email contains important information to help make your visit to Bethel Woods easy and enjoyable. PLEASE READ THIS EMAIL AND SHARE WITH FRIENDS ATTENDING THE CONCERT(S).

General Policies

The concert parking lots will open at approximately 4:30pm; valid concert tickets are required to enter the property
Museum admission ticket AND a valid concert ticket are required to enter the lots and park prior to 4:30pm
The main concert gates will open approximately at 6:00pm
Allow yourself at least 20 minutes to travel from your vehicle to the pavilion and lawn areas
Pets are not allowed on the premises (service animals are permitted and welcome)
There is a no re-entry policy upon exiting
MUST SHOW photo ID and credit card used for the ticket purchase BEFORE entering the parking lots for Will Call pick-up. ONLY guests on the Ticketmaster or venue will call list will be permitted to park and pick-up tickets. The Box Office only accepts will call requests from Ticketmaster.

Please Feel Welcome to Bring:

Blankets, backpacks, small soft coolers (cloth/bag style), hand-held umbrellas
Cameras that do not have the capability of multiple lenses are permitted, except when prohibited by the artist
Water - two 20 oz. factory sealed plastic bottles of water per person - water is the only beverage permitted into Bethel Woods concerts
Food - one 1 gallon clear zip lock bag per person
Strollers or carriages for small children

The Following Items are Not Permitted:

Lawn chairs are not permitted to be brought into the venue - chairs are available for $5.00 rental at the box office or for PURCHASE ONLINE in advance (chairs do sell out)
Sporting equipment (including roller-blades, skateboards and bikes)
Aerosol cans, firearms, knives, fireworks, laster pointers
Glass of any kind (including bottles)
Enjoy your hulu-hoop in the parking lot, but leave it in your car before entering gates
No unauthorized recording of any kind (tapers allowed in reserved section near mix position)
Note: All prohibited items will be confiscated and discarded without compensation. Guests are not permitted to bring in alcoholic beverages from outside and may not leave with alcohol purchased inside the venue. Guests may return items to car prior to entry. There is NO claim-check. We ask that our guests avoid bringing unnecessary items.

Drunk and disorderly behavior or violation of any alcohol policy will result in ejection from Bethel Woods without refund. Bethel Woods management reserves the right to discontinue the sale of alcohol at any time.

Parking Lot / Tailgating Guidelines

There is NO overnight parking or camping permitted on Bethel Woods property; abandoned cars will be towed at owner's expense
NO POST-SHOW TAILGATING; all vehicles must exit lots immediately
Picnic style tailgating is allowed within one's own parking space
No open flame, tent or canopies are allowed in the parking lot
Barbequing is permitted on the pavement with gas-fired grills only
State law prohibits the sale of tickets or any unauthorized merchandise in the parking lot
Parking at Bethel Woods is for the convenience of concert and museum ticket holders only
Distribution of unauthorized pamphlets, flyers or any other item is strictly prohibited
Camping is prohibited in the Town of Bethel without property owner permission. A temporary camping permit is required for property owners by contacting the Bethel Building Department at 845.583.4350 ext. 15.

Please respect our neighbors. Bethel Woods is located in a bucolic country setting and we strive to live peacefully with our neighbors. Avoid private property and do not use neighboring property as a thru-way to enter the concert venue property.

Directions & Transportation Options

Program your GPS: 200 Hurd Road, Bethel NY 12720
NOTE: We are located in Sullivan County, NY NOT Dutchess County, NY
Click here to get custom directions
Roundtrip bus transportation is available through CoachUSA | Shortline from New York City, Ridgewood, NJ and Middletown, NY. Roundtrip fares are $20 to $55 per person
Take the Big V Entertainment Park & Ride service from Monticello Casino and Raceway
Carpool with friends or enjoy Zimride, the industry's leading rideshare service
NY State DOT has authorized local police to enforce NO parking, stopping or standing on RT-17B from Perry Road to RT-55, cars will be towed at owner's expense. Do no create pedestrian traffic on RT-17B and roadways entering Bethel Woods; help avoid car accidents or personal injury.

Area Lodging/Camping, Dining & Activities

Still need camping & lodging options? Click here for current vacancies
Check with your campground or hotel about shuttle bus service and request they provide information on round-trip bus service to and from the concert.
Interested in exploring the Catskills while you are in town? View our Business Partners Directory - Your guide to services and attractions in the region.

Additional Questions?

Please visit the online Phish Guide if you need additional information. If you still can't find the answer to what you are looking for, visit our Facebook page and click on "Discussions". View the topic "Questions: Phish at Bethel Woods" and ask away!

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is a project of the Gerry Foundation, a not-for-profit organization.
P.O. Box 222, Liberty, NY 12754
If i told ya all that went down,it would burn off both your ears
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