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Weir/Garcia Axes

#23871 3 years, 5 months ago
I thought it would be cool to see everyone's Dead type Axes and Rigs. Here is my Phiga. Bolt shape with Super II's and Tiger electronics. OBEL and Waldo's T-clone buffer with a custom Skull and Roses Inlay.

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skidoo, skidoo.....ski-doo doo doodlie doo doo doo

Re: Weir/Garcia Axes

#23934 3 years, 5 months ago
sorry for the wonky picture. i dropped my camera in the toilet plus i am hopped up excited to show it.
not true to Europe '72 and i'm sure heads would say a little unorthodox.

a chopped and channelled strat with a Fender Champ pre-amp through a Peavey Bandit....really got that Jerry tone. the Hamilton Beach hand mixer (viewer's left) on low gives that good jug band sound, on high....well it produces a distinct gutteral chattering whine, hence the Mann Herschel apple corer. a few hearty cranks of the Mann Herschel and The Circus Is In Town!
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