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Re: So How Was YOUR TRIday???

#23874 3 years, 5 months ago
Surely Bob's voice is not physically what it was...............however his vocal sensitivity seems to be evolving (improving) much like when Jerry was in the throes of his addiction; Jerry's voice was weak but very "sensitive". In other words, capable of emoting and evoking emotion. A good example is Bob's LA Fadeaway on Friday (and similarly when he did it at best buy in March) when he sings the word "chateau"...he does his characteristic Bobby stepping away from the mike and his lips and voice tremble and ebb almost imperceptibly......now in the Triday recording you can clearly see his eyes which are full of emotion and do not appear "ferretlike" which they do live and have always looked since the 60's. He still has it going on......older and a bit weaker but more nuanced and sensitive.

Bobby is not the same physical specimen he once was.....very few of us after 50 or 60 or further are. However, we do acquire wisdom as well as sensitivity. Being the pretty boy that he was actually has caused him to age fairly badly....he clearly seems older than Phil which he is not.........

Now to PHIL!!!....he is the exception. Yes he has gotten better vocally. And yes his instrument sounds better probably because it is turned up much louder than 4 out of 5 GD shows had it turned up. Only that one in five special post Brent shows was really excellent....and one factor in my view was that Phil was turned up on those special nights.

All this being said, I honestly must say that I enjoy the shows every bit as much or perhaps more now than in any time since 1969. Maybe it is just me...more appreciation caused by perhaps a greater than 15 year hiatus. Prefer to think that Bob and Phil really are enlightened beings understanding the reality that we are all connected and are put on this Earth to enjoy and help each other individually and communally. And listening to each of the Furthur shows attended this last tour (4) on the CD's in the car make it clear that it was not just the drugs we had been doing....they really sound awesome at all times.

Life is indeed an elusive reality and a transient one at that, and the only thing we can be sure of is that Bob and Phil will not last forever...yes there will be DSO and other bands still making great or even better music technically, but the unique Spirits of these two men embellished by the young talent they surround themselves with produce an experience that is for me, a spiritually, religiously, ineffably cumulative shared experience.

Thank you for all your great energy and see you at Jones beach and Atlanta in July!
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Re: So How Was YOUR TRIday???

#23892 3 years, 5 months ago
I loved the whole concept.
It was great to watch/listen to such a high quality show riight in my living room.
It was also sweet to get to see all the musicians up close and observe their facial expressions, etc.

Last night I was wishing there were another broadcast. Let's hope this becomes a regular occurence. I, for one, would def pay a subscription or one time PPV fee to have these high quality shows beamed to my TV.

I am so grateful to all the guys for the tremendous effort that they obviously put into this event, it surely made my week!!!

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Re: So How Was YOUR TRIday???

#23896 3 years, 5 months ago
I loved it. My roomate has a projector so I got to watch the whole thing on my wall. High quality video. I thought his solo acoustic was good but kinda boring. If thats whats in store for his summer tour I probably wont be going :/. Loved the ratdog tunes in the second set, it was good to hear those again. Everything they did in filming it was awesome though. The angles were tight, and the music was tighter. Loved Kimock, hope to see him in there again.
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Re: So How Was YOUR TRIday???

#23914 3 years, 5 months ago
robertjfeldmen---great insight, i will agree 100% about his vocal sensitivity, i notice it the most on days between--on any given night with whomever--it is great to get a perspective from someone who has really been privileged enough to witness everything you have with this band, their music, and its evolution
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