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The wheels are muddy, got a ton of hay

smokin Dancing in the streets

#235253 1 year, 8 months ago
my god does Garcia shred the living gooblly goo outta this
i feel like punching myself

The upper darby shows are like the breeding ground for jerrys experiments of this song like hes making something in his labratory
capital center 78 is pretty hot and Cape Cod 79 as well.

whos got my kick ass slice and dice mind bending
funky funky funk dancin in the streets?

i want the solo to have the feedback crazy setting he used on most of them .

from about the 4 min mark >>>>> jerry just playin with it. a little off the beat and its clear hes just havin too much fun and doin a few diff things. i want a balls out dancin garcia

got Dancin?
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