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Show Recommendations for the Weekend

#233597 1 year, 8 months ago
Pulled for LMA when I was reading a "best of" threadB)

It's hard for me to nail down just a few but I just went to my media player and looked around and here's my suggestions for a good starting place:

05-17-1977-Great show all around, great sound quality/favorite Jack-a-Roe and kick ass Big river

05-15-1970-Killer acoustic set with "Silver threads and Golden Needles as my favorite standout

05-11-1972-Killer all the way round

06-09-76-Long slipknot, nice Crazy fingers, Keith kicking ass on Samson.

10-2-1977-One of my all time favorite Scarlet-fire combos

10-30-80-Nice acoustic set containing some of the tunes from the Reckoning album. Great Loser, Nasty Phil tone on Shakedown! Billy Conham sitting in on "Drums" segment

12-31-85- All time favortie versions of Sugaree, Ship of Fools, and Man Smart, Woman Smarter. Whole second set is righteous

10-8, 10-9-89- smoking shows all the way round. Re-emergence of Help-slip-Franklins, First Attics since 1971, first Dark Star since 1984

06-17-91- Killer show with Hornsby-Welnick- My favorite combo of Trunkin>New Speedway Boogie, excellent "Eyes" opener

03-23-92-I love this show because this is the only version of Phil's "Wave To The Wind" that I find listenable and enjoyable.

Well, I hope this helps. there are plenty of other great shows and I'm sure that I won't be the last to chime in. you might even want to check out Blair Jackson's Book, "Goin Down The Road" It has a great section detailing hot shows from 1965 through 1991. Great source for narrowing a very large search area!

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