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Re: Why do some of you people get so insulted???

#233775 1 year, 9 months ago
thinman wrote:
This is ridiculous already. People are upset because Jeff plays with his back to the crowd. Others are upset because they feel that Mark and Kenny are indispensable Ratdog members. You people are fucking weird. Seriously, it is people like you who ruin everything. You bitch about the most meaningless things and the worst part is that you have no idea what the hell you are talking about. You are assuming Jeff plays with his back to the crowd because he is a dick and wants to purposely insult people. Mark and Kenny came into Ratdog when Ratdog was already a band. In fact, Ratdog has ALWAYS been made up of a rotating cast of musicians. It just so happened that the lineup you are familiar with remained consistent for 6 long years.

These are just two examples of the stupidity that goes on in this board.

To those of you who feel the need to express your OUTRAGE over such stupid shit...please get over yourselves. I bet you guys have serious entitlement issues in other areas of your life. Anything that doesn't go EXACTLY as you want it to just plain SUCKS and you make sure to let EVERYBODY know just how YOU feel about things. YOU are insulted because Jeff plays a couple of songs with his back to the crowd! Big fucking deal!

nice story, brah, now make me a sandwich

-- smell every flower --
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Re: Why do some of you people get so insulted???

#233787 1 year, 9 months ago
for the record, the Twitter conversation was about Chimenti, asked of Pherson.

But in all honesty, I figured the Chimenti hating us was a joke in the first place.

Why would someone who hates their fan base play in a band (several, actually) that is basically built upon said fan base? And for upwards of 15 years, nonetheless.
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