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Speakers in the Hallway (Please?)

#23176 3 years, 5 months ago
In the 90's basement in Oakland they used to put *real* Grateful Dead speakers in the hallway and it was THE BEST (tons of room, superb sound and excellent dancers). I know they did this at other shows too but this was my experience.

I went to most of the fall tour 2010 furthur shows and only saw speakers in the hallway once at Bill Graham Civic. (Sidenote: I was super glad these speakers were there, but I'm sorry to say they were very small and not up to the job, which I assume was flooding the end of the hallway with sound so that people could dance there).

Anyhow I used to love it so much when they would put speakers in the hallway, I wrote someone at Phil's office many years ago about it and they wrote me back saying fire hazards do not allow them to do it anymore.

I would like to know if anyone saw speakers in the hallways at any of these recent indoor Furthur shows (last fall or spring tour). If anyone from the band or crew is reading this, please know that (big, BIG) speakers in the end of the hallway usually do not denote a fire hazard and they are EXTREMELY appreciated by dancers who need room to breathe!
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