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cool picture...

#231429 1 year, 9 months ago
Dire Wolf
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when the police knocked y'all...

Re: cool picture...

#231468 1 year, 9 months ago
The dude would not abide. Worse than the fucking eagles man. Where's the CCR tape and reefer?
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Re: cool picture...

#231479 1 year, 9 months ago
captaintony wrote:

I was talking to a Dentist and his wife in a New York City restaurant once. They were from Bucks County PA. This was 2005/6 roughly speaking. She felt so strongly about us -- USA -- getting out of Iraq that she said she was rooting for the 'insurgents.' She said while slurring the words and almost foaming at the mouth with rage.

Now my politics? I don't like to get into them here too much, although I have strong views, but I lean liberal left on some things and right on others than comes kind of as Clinton would say the 'box score' and perhaps a 'weighted average' which tells me how to vote in any given election.

Having said all of that, I thought this person was an F_ _ _ing disgrace! "Rooting for the insurgents!" Are oyu out of your F-ing mind?!?!

I am not a fan of Bush or neoconservative foreign policy but to cheer for scum who would think nothing of killing children deliberately and who would behead her for being a Jewish Infidel in heartbeat is an F-ing disgrace! Christians? You're a heartbeat behind her.

Let me mention that the U.S. Military personnel have to die or be maimed while she 'roots.'

While that WW2 inspired poster does not speak for all "Liberals" it hits it on the head for that Stupid B@#$%!

I salute You Captain!

You deserve a decoration!

Or at least a citation for that "poop" thread from a couple of days ago.
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