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Re: These games today are phenomenal

#227316 1 year, 9 months ago
Sustainabill wrote:
SunshineSue wrote:
Denver Man wrote:
SunshineSue wrote:
neverstop66 wrote:
The Patriots losing tomorrow can make it all better.

Hey, the Patriots are my next fall-back team now that the Lions and Packers are out. Go Brady, Go!!

I still cannot wrap my mind around how a Lion fan's second favorite team is the Packers. Sorry but that doesn't even make sense.

I know, it is a little strange, you'll never catch me rooting for Ohio State (damn those hairless nuts!!!), but Green Bay is different. I mean, if you love football you have to appreciate Green Bay. Between the Lombardi attitude/legacy, the hard core cold weather fans, and the fact that the team is even owned by the fans, not some rich, uninvolved chumps, it really is the quintessential football franchise! And it means still rooting for a team in my division, and it makes my in-laws very happy. And I look good in green!

It makes perfect sense to me, a Seahawks fan who now is rooting for the Niners! If the team that I root for doesn't make to the next round, then I ought to root for a team from my division to be the league champion!

as a Giant fan I hate the Redskins,Eagles,Cowboys !! so if the Giants don't win the division I root against whoever does !!
Denver Man
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Re: These games today are phenomenal

#227318 1 year, 9 months ago
strangerinboulder wrote:
23atwell wrote:
Best weekend of football that I can remember. Niners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought you were a Raiders fan?

Yeah except when you live in the Bay you get to have a fall back team .... Raiders nope wait Raiders suck so its' the 49ers, A's nope wait I'll choose the Giants...

nice situation ehh?
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