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Tyler Curtis

The Shakedown Blog

#22638 3 years, 5 months ago
Hello, all.
You may have seen that I have been posting links to blog posts regarding Furthur. I thought I would introduce what the blog is formally, etc.

This upcoming summer tour you will see much more content about Furthur, whether it be reviews of the four shows I am hoping to get to to review, or break outs/videos....
We also supply concert/cd reviews, upcoming band spotlights, interviews and news on everything from bluegrass to jambands to rock music. All stuff that I feel you guys will all like!

Join the conversation on our social media websites, you'll see even more content regarding bluegrass/jambands/rock/funk/Americana, that I don't post here because it's not Furthur.

And of course, the website is ShakedownBlog.com.

I've really appreciated all of the support I've had from the Dead community... Being 16 and having something as successful as it is after only a year, feels great and I want to thank you all!!!

Much love,
Buy the ticket, take the ride..."
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Re: The Shakedown Blog

#22666 3 years, 5 months ago
Keep up the great work
She tries to live by the golden rule.
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