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Re: Broomfield Questions

#226649 1 year, 9 months ago
Griff wrote:
Hey bro, Crested sure sounds like a lot of fun. I thought about heading there this year too with my son for the 2nd stop of the JR. World Freeski Tour that he is competing in this year (at Crystal, Squaw, Taos and Snowbird) but man they just dont have much snow yet this year:

Total 94%

Beginner & Intermediate 95%

Advanced 98%

Extreme 0% (OUCH, I wonder how they can run their comp)

Broomfield is a great venue. Very mellow scene. I went for the 2011 Furthur run. Parking was not bad, I am sure folks are right at $10. SF is rediculous for parking costs, though I got lucky the 30th and found a spot on the street for free, wohoo.

Shakedown 2 years ago was pretty good I thought, but is weather dependent. That run had a stretch of early sping weather with temps in the 60s each day. Seriously. Might be a bit colder this tome which could dampen the spririts out in Shakedown.

They have a few bars inside and I dont drink beer but man did I drink a lot of Crown. It was pricey, but cant be more then SF.

Sounds like a lot of post show activity might happen at the Aloft or the hotels a few miles down in the in Westminster (where my and my 2 bros are staying).

BTW - one of my bros and I are planning on skiing both Thurs and Fri (not Sat, too crowded) at Copper or the someplace in Summit county. Always enjoy skiing fast with new people!!!

no need to worry about the venue Griff, CB has a real sweet area for the comp.
What you need to worry about is snow. We need it!
Taos is in great need as well.
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Re: Broomfield Questions

#227099 1 year, 9 months ago
Cool, sounds like snow is the key. Sure has been cold the paste few days there huh? Even cold here as the last 3 morning the temps have been in the low teens to start the ski day.

Well, we have 5 more weeks, lets hope a storm or two rolls through. March and April are awlays the best months in all areas.

CB looks like a great place, and I have heard they have great Expert terrain. But none of its open right now?????

DM - bummer about the game yesterday bro. I am down 20-0 at halftime and it doesnt look good........
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