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PLEASE be quiet when the band is playing. PLEASE.

Re: What are you listening to right now?

#223277 1 year, 9 months ago
Dwarr - Animals (1986)

Outsider vibe. Truly psychedelic. Cheesy and fun, while dark and disturbing. Whacky and whacked out. You can feel this guy put everything into this album. One man from South Carolina. With heart.

\"Dwarr self-released two albums in the 1980s and two in the ’00s; he plays all of the instruments (guitars, vocals, synths, bells, etc.) aside from drums (manned by Ron Sparks). Warr is, first and foremost, an adept writer of riffs, especially those of the winding, meditative and fuzzed-out variety, and Animals is, at first glance, a stellar compendium of bad-ass riffs. It’s safe to say, in fact, that nearly every track herein is structured around two or more similarly heavy “main-riffs”; those “main riffs” spawn many lesser, briefer riffs. Frequently, said riffs are shadowed by an excitable synthesizer; sometimes, ominous bells come into play. Does this formula become tiresome? Sure, by the end of the album, I felt a little dazed from riffage, or “riffed-out,” as it were. But just barely. That’s because Dwarr is masterful at gracefully melding the repetitious with the wildly improvised. At the moment a line becomes tiresome, Warr breaks off into something different -- the impossibly echoey solo on “Chocolate Mescaline,” for instance. Because of that dynamic, most of these songs play like operatic collages, a stringing-together of frenzied, nuanced movements.\"
You aren't interesting or clever when you write or speak in the lyrics of others. Rather, what are YOUR words?
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