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Signs of Life

#223192 1 year, 10 months ago
Even during the extreme cold spells, the sounds and signs of life surround us. The ever present chatter of squirrels, interrupting their playful scamper, warning of our approach with their critical “tsk, tsk”. The lone hawk, circling slowly for the errant rodent. We rarely hear a deer gallop before seeing the rhythmic bouncing of it's thick torso and white stripped hind quarters, somehow maneuvering over fallen trunks, through deep drifts, without a sound. And what to make of the odd tracks visible along the way? In a hurry, but to where, we do not know. Too small to be dogs, maybe rabbits? The water is barely moving. Is that a random logjam or the carefully engineered work of beaver? The hollow of a tree shows claw marks of its last inhabitant, living in style on a pine needle bed. With life reduced to the procurement of shelter and food, a necessary simplicity overtakes other concerns. Our insulation from the harshness of the natural world robs us of our primordial need to fight for our own survival, and the clarity that mission grants us. Lost in a world of ego, we suffer over every lost luxury, each perceived social slight and numerous petty jealousies. Listening to the whining of trees bending, adding their lonesome cry to sounds of the woods, stirs each of us to heed our own call of the wild.

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Re: Signs of Life

#223256 1 year, 10 months ago
Thought provoking for sure. So much to be learned from a trip out into the wilds.

Recently I was on the edge of a body of water and it was extremely windy. Watching seagulls flying with this head wind
and trying to make their way into the water for their meal I couldn't help but admire their tenacity. Made me realize how
convenient we humans have it sometimes.
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