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Denver Man
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Re: 22 Years Ago Today

#219928 1 year, 10 months ago
AcidTestGraduate wrote:
Denver Man wrote:
AcidTestGraduate wrote:
Denver Man wrote:
Yeah there seemed to be a lot of trouble in the air during that 92 run. We ran into our own issues there.

Sure you were there for Jerry's return at McNichol's in '92. Hadn't been to a show in over a year and encountered some weirdness
for sure. Enjoyed Same Thing and Rain. First time I ever sold an extra to someone and they tried the ol' 'lighter trick' to see if it was counterfeit. I was like WTF?

But, back to happier times. And speaking of McNichol's and '90....two solid shows. Hope you don't mind jumping ahead a few days


archive.org/details/gd1990-12-14.senn.gr...32022.sbefail.flac16 -----probably the shortest Dark Star ever at 5:44. See if you can tell why

Uh huh! We got burned so to speak by the old lighter trick ... we bought fake tickets from the thugs in the Oakland lot. They sure looked real but we should have known gang bangers would be ripping us off. Young and certainly dumb! I guess we should be thankful we didn't get robbed at gun point.

Yep, ho ho ho, that Oaktown menace that finally caught on to all those gullible hippies.

Now, can anyone tell me why that might have been the shortest Dark Star ever, sans the single studio version?

I believe they split Dark Star between 12/12 and 12/14. Verse 2 on 12/14. Freaky man!!!!!
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