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My second show! This show pushed me over "the abyss" and I still haven't recovered . Preshow an eye dropper seperating from the rubber squeezing part accidently had left me way way way "overdosed" ( estimating 7 to 8 "drops") ... it was a long strange trip... from which I feared I would never come back. I put a long review up last year about the experience so I'll just mention a few key points. Losing my friends within 5 minutes of entering the arena I made my way to the GA floor about 15-20 ft from Jerry. It was "packed like sardines". Damn its impossible to make this short...... this was when "deadheads" actually were the Kindest folks on earth ( if you went to shows pre coma you know what I'm talkin about) . At half time an older couple saw me looking um "fried" and gave me an orange and talked me down a lil. I chatted as best I could with the girl in front of me roughly my age at the time (I found out later she was 2 yrs older). Cut to chase as we were "packed" together (me behind her) in the second set strange things happened ( I'll leave it at that)--- she went on to become my second girlfriend. Post show she offered to take me home even though she lived on the other side of the city... as we sat in her truck 2 of the folks I went with walked right in front of the truck we were in. So I got home with them but visited the young lady the next day ( ok enough of that.part of the story for now)----

Back to the show-- first show of tour after the european tour. I was literally on another planet. Shakedown to open (maybe you had to much to fast............was freaking me out) .... He's Gone in set 2 "nothins gonna bring him back" was further freaking me as I was pondering a life in the funny farm. A strange thing I recall is Weir starting Truckin with a whistle an actual whistle ...you can hear it on the tapes or below. What a long strange trip its been was never more appropriate. I was slowly gettin my wits about me.... Satisfaction to end and I was home - the Stones were my first R&R love...(I'd just seen them a month before in Buffalo) and I started to believe I just might survive.... and now I was dancing with "really just pushed up against a young lady with ok hate me I'll just say it "roving hands"..and what kind of gentleman would I be if I didn't reciprocate a lil .....this is a very short abridged version of a night where I died and was reborn about 1000 times. I could fill 4 chapters of a book on this night alone. Finally the show was on a Sunday high school was real real interesting the next 3 days I never slept till after school on Wednesday. A LONG strange trip indeed.

Thanks to this day in GD history I copied this from there:

11/29/81- Pittsburgh Civic Arena - Pittsburgh, PA

Set 1:
Shakedown Street
Greatest Story Ever Told
Friend Of The Devil
C.C. Rider
Me And My Uncle
Big River
Looks Like Rain
Might As Well

Set 2:
Samson And Delilah
Ship Of Fools
Lost Sailor
Saint Of Circumstance
He's Gone
Black Peter

U.S. Blues
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