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THOMAS SABO happiness Terminal HAVEN organized

#216335 1 year, 11 months ago
The renowned German silver jewelry brand THOMAS SABO happiness Terminal HAVEN organized the 2012 the fall and winter conference.
This, THOMAS SABO thomas sabo charms sale addition to offer the "Dance on the charm and soul" as the theme in the 2012 autumn and winter the STERLING SILVER family (SPECIAL ADDITION, CLASSIC, REBEL In mind, and SEASONAL) outside, also brought unexpected surprise - brand diamonds into gold jewelry and gold elements created and loaded with deep love the new SWEET DIAMONDS series. Day of the presentation, MO small chess went to your website of the famous actor, using more than 60 well-known media from Shanghai to experience the newest thomas sabo charms uk THOMAS SABO create.
Besides the first make an effort to sweet SWEET DIAMONDS, THOMAS SABO always uphold Silver Silver series, dubbed the theme of "Dance on the charm and soul with the the fall and winter of 2012, its inspired dance and rhythm, showing vivid fresh elegant living, people feel an outburst of energy flow within the body is filled with vitality, like the dancers while using the music rhythm general.
Therefore, the conference THOMAS SABO invited on the famous actor MO small chess to personal interpretation THOMAS SABO jewelry charm Mo the small chess mysterious and sexy, rebellious and atmospheric interpretation THOMAS SABO latest the fall and winter series head. As well, some professional dancers, dance brimming with tension, showing the SPECIAL ADDITION 2012 the fall and winter Silver thomas sabo charms uk sale CLASSIC REBEL In your mind SEASONAL four series of magnificent theme.
The the revolutionary SWEET DIAMONDS series theme "sweet diamonds, vows more sweet", all contain deep love, with a couple of "couple" dancers present an even more elegant, sweet duet is definitely right. A perfect interpretation from the famous actor Mo chess, one two of dancers to show various styles of dance, adding four foreign models walking down the catwalk jewelry show, the regular interpretation on the magnificent Concerto THOMAS SABO 2012 autumn and winter the STERLING SILVER family thomas sabo uk as well as the new SWEET DIAMONDS Series supreme !
THOMAS SABO launched a fresh expensive jewelry series: give attention to elegant pattern, exquisite inlaid with small diamonds, flashing a hint of gold luster.
Even though the number of gold small, even so the effect is extraordinary, to develop the framework of diamonds inlaid with gold, in stark contrast to two materials of colors, that is SWEET DIAMONDS group of imaginative at.
Unique packaging design, very cute: a compact heart-shaped box, the lamp is really a small bow and ribbon, and is apparently telling people inside jewelry is build with love, full of love, but also love; most important, in order that people will feel a deep sense of affection of wearing jewelry!
our website: http://www.charmsthomasabosaleuk.com/
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